My Top Beauty Products of 2012

Hey there ladies!

This is going to be a post about the products that I have discovered and loved throughout the year of 2012. I was a little bit shocked by how many products there were when I put it all together!

Quiet a few products there, so lets get started!

Dry Shampoo

£2.49 at Superdrug
The Volumising one is £4.99

This stuff is awesome! I usually like to get the Volumising dry shampoo but they both work good. When ever I do not have time to wash my hair or have to unexpectedly have to go out somewhere and don’t have time to give my hair a wash, this will do the trick. It really helps to give your hair more volume and makes it look more fresh! It has a refreshing smell to it. However, when you spray a little too much, it leaves traces of whiteness on your hair. But that does fade away quick. I love this product because it definitely gives my hair a boost when it looks all greasy and lifeless.

Healthy Mix Gel Foundation

£7.99 now was £10.99 at Superdurg

This is the latest foundation that I have been using. I don’t wear foundation everyday though, I wear it when I go out to see friends or nights out. I really like this foundation because it feels really light on the skin. It doesn’t look cakey. It has light coverage but very buildable. I like the light coverage because I don’t need such a heavy coverage for my face. So it almost feels like a tinted moisturiser! But I really like it. I use about 2 pumps of liquid for my face and that is enough. It doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a foundation. So it’s all good!

Eye Primer

£2.50 at the MUA Online Store

This is the best eye lid primer I have tried! I would highly recommend anyone to use this primer. This really keeps eye shadow to last practically all day on the lids. That’s why I really like it. The texture is very creamy and applies well. Does not cause any eye shadow to crease either. The one thing I look for in an eye primer, is the lasting power of the eye shadow. This really does the trick. Top product! Also, very affordable, I might add!

Yves Rocher
Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Mascara
£8.95 at Yves Rocher online store

I first got introduced to this product when I got a sample sized mascara from Glossybox. I was really impressed by the massive brush tip! I liked it so much that I decided to get the full sized product. This really gives your lashes a lot of volume due to the big and fat brush. I also like this because you know how sometimes you can get some of the mascara liquid on your eye lid? I hate when that happens because it ruins the eye shadow look that you try so hard to achieve. But, the formula of this liquid is not so permanent on the lid, so when you get some mascara on the lid, it comes off easily when you apply some eye shadow on top of it.

e.l.f Cosmetics
Mechanical Eyelash Curler

£1.50 at e.l.f Cosmetics Online Store

This is the first eyelash curler that I own. I used to be scared of using eye lash curlers! But not anymore. This is a really good tool at a very good price. The quality of this product is really good, the handles are sturdy and it’s so easy to use. This and the Yves Rocher Ultra Volume Mascara are a nice couple 🙂

Body Shop
Colourglide Shine Lip Colour

£10.00 at Body Shop

I always play it safe and wear pinks on my lips. These are quite pricey, but I hardly paid much for these as I got them as gifts from my Body Shop loyalty card. I really like these because they are so smooth and glide on so nicely on the lips! This brings colour and gloss to the lips at the same time. I love that! It does not feel drying and does not feel sticky either! These two colours are not too over powering and can be used for everyday wear to. Really like these! Worth the £10!
I did swatches of these lip colours in a previous blog post, and you can see it HERE

Colorburst Lip Butter
Shade: Cotton Candy

Bought for £7.99 at Superdrug. Now it’s £5.00 on their website.

The Oh-So-Popular Revlon Lip Butters! This has been my favourite go to lipstick. I mostly love the shade and the texture. It’s a really lovely baby pink colour and goes together so well with any make up look. This is basically a lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm all in one! This is why the texture is so soft and smooth! When you are out you don’t really have time to put a lipstick and then a lip gloss on top as well. So this is the perfect all in one product. I done a swatches of this shade and another 2 shades in a previous post, which you can see HERE

Beyonce Fragrance
Midnight Heat

£28.49 (50ml) at Superdrug

My lovely sister in law got this for me as a birthday present because I asked for it. I smelt a bit of it at Superdrug and really liked it! I was obviously first attracted to the purple packaging because purple is my favourite colour! hehe 🙂
The packaging is a strong glass and the lid almost resembled a fake diamond. I love the silver lined detail by the spray top where the words,  “Beyonce – Heat” , is engraved. Very good detail and makes it look even more sexy.
I’m not that good at describing the notes in fragrances but I will give it a try! It has a very sweet smell to it with hints of lavender. My description just doesn’t do it any justice! Feel free to go smell a sample in your local shops! Very nice!

Urban Decay
Naked 2 Palette

£36 on BeautyBay

Another very popular product. This is probably on most people’s favourites of 2012!
This happens to be the most expensive make up product in my collection! It is quiet pricey, but so worth it! Taking into the account of the 12 eye shadows that you get in here and the strong and luxurious packaging! I love this because it’s easy to create neutral make up looks with this and the eye shadows themselves are very good quality.
I done a brief review of this product (including swatches) in a previous blog post, you can see it HERE


Little Round Pot Eyes
Shade: Rose Dragee

£6.49 at Superdrug

This has become my favourite highlighting colour for the brow bone. This baked eye shadow gives just the right amount of high light and shimmer to your brow bone. I also like that it’s a baked eye shadow, this reduces the amount of fall out of shadow and ensures the smooth application of the eye shadow on your lid. This little pot is guarenteed to last a long while! So definitely worth the price also 🙂

e.l.f Cosmetics
Studio Blush
Shade: Twinkle Pink

£3.75 at e.l.f Cosmetics Online Store

Even though this blush is very chalky, I love it! You just need to becareful when gliding your brush on it to make sure you don’t mess any of the powder on your floor/carpets. This is a nice rosey, pink colour with tiny gold shimmers. This blush is so easy to blend out on your cheeks and looks natural after you blend it right. I always find myself reaching out for this blush. Only fault is the chalkiness, but I look past that and it’s a great product!

NYX Cosmetics
5 Color Shadow
The Caribbean Collection
Shade: I Dream of Barbados

£8.00 at their Online Store

Another favourite of mine! I love wearing purples! So, I love this palette because of the shades of colour that  I would use. I have mostly worn the purples and the pink. The 2 purples are very good eye shadows and good quality. The pink is not that pigmented though, I find myself building up the colour a lot on my lid. However, I love the palette because of the purple shades 🙂 With a good primer, the eye shadows do last a long time. I just love NYX Cosmetics as a brand in general.

Avon Cosmetics
True Colour Eyeshadow Quad
Shade: Purple Haze

£8.50 at their Online Store

I highly recommend this quad! I prefer this over the NYX one. I really love this quad. I most only use the 3 purple shades together and that’s enough to give the best purple smokey eye! I love this because the eye shadows are all so easy to blend and look amazing! I once went into Debanhams or House of Frasier with my best friend and wore this purple look and the make up lady complimented me on it 🙂
I really love the purple smokey effect that I get with this quad! Yes yes, it’s not ONLY because my it’s my favourite colour, but I heard that purples go well with my brown eye colour 😉
Packaging is perfect with a mirror and surprisingly quite strong. I have dropped this quad twice on my wooden floor and this compact didn’t break. What a survivor!

Lauren Luke
Make up Brush set

£33.75 on her Online Store

(Brushes can also be bought individually)

I count the whole set of brushes as one product! I don’t know if you have heard about the YouTube Beauty Guru Lauren Luke?
But she does sell her own make up brushes. They are very good quality! Such a good price for the quality. As soon as I received these, I knew I was going to love them because I could feel the quality of the handles and the the softness of the brushes. And it didn’t dissappoint! These make the application of eye shadows so easy now and makes the overall make up look, looking so good. Love these. Would definitely recommend these if you are looking for professional quality brushes with the low price tag! If I could choose some favourites from the set, it would be the flat eyeshadow brush, tapered blending brush, blending eye shadow brush and the foundation brush.


Phhheewwww! What a mouthful!
Hope you all enjoyed reading up on my favourites!
Here’s to another new year of new beauty discoveries! *clinks the glasses*

Lily 🙂 x



  1. January 17, 2013 / 5:54 pm

    Cheers to the new year 🙂 I love seeing posts like these because it always gives me ideas of other peoples' favourites!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. January 17, 2013 / 7:03 pm

    Yay the elf curlers were in my 2012 awards too. Great picks 🙂

  3. January 22, 2013 / 6:27 pm

    I really really need to go out and buy that MUA primer, so cheap, and I've heard good things about it!! Nice blog, I'm following! 🙂

  4. January 23, 2013 / 12:04 am

    Yeah you should, they are really good 🙂
    Thank you, will check out your blog now 😀 xx

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