Summer Bag Essentials { Summer Blogger Challenge }

Hey everyone!
I have taken part in a Summer Blogger Challenge. Every Tuesday from today onwards, myself and other bloggers will be doing a blog post about the given topic.
Today’s topic is Summer Bag Essentials!
The way I interpreted this topic is an idea of some products that we all should carry with us in our handbags during the sunny summer time. Well, I sure will be carrying these products 🙂 
We are still early on in June, hopefully we will have a really great summer because I really want to go to the beach! 
Left to right:
Paul Mitchell
Moisture Mist

This is just a refreshing misting spray for your skin and hair. In the summer time, we obviously get hot and sweaty and feel quiet flustered. Carrying this with you, you can refresh 
yourself on the go!
Sensitive Hand Gel

I always carry this anyways, always good to keep your hands free from germs! As we all tend to go out a bit more with the warm weather, it’s always handy to keep this with you on your travels.
Yves Rocher
Cocoa and Pistachio Nut
Hand Cream

The sunny weather and dry air may make your hands dry as you go out and about. Always handy to keep hand cream with you to ensure your hands stay soft.
Impulse Body Spray

This body spray smells so nice and refreshing. I tend to always keep this in my hand bag and use it when I feel like I need to freshen up a little. 
Left to right:
Kleenex Tissues

This is a must for me. My nose likes to have a mind of it’s own sometimes. In the summer time, there is also a lot of pollen around which can sometimes cause a stuff nose for some people. This is generally handy to keep in your handbag anyways.

Mmmm, I love these mints. I prefer Spearment over
 Peppermint any day!
Lip Balm

The sun can be quiet drying to the skin, therefore, carrying a lip balm is always good to keep in your bag to avoid chapped lips. I can’t stand having dry lips, makes it harder to smile properly! lol. 
Colourburst Lip Butter

Wearing a lot of make up in the summer heat can not always be such a comfortable feeling. If you want a lip colour that is not so strong, these lip butters by Revlon is ideal. They give off just the right pigmentation and feels quite moisturing when applying it. 
Left to right:
Sunglasses is a must have! Any sunglasses will do, you will enjoy your summer looking cool. Ofcourse, it’s a good idea to carry a small brush and extra hair bands. When it’s hot weather, wearing my hair loose can sometimes be a little irritating because it will make me feel even hotter. Then I would tie it up in a casual pony tail or bun.
If you have any questions about any of the products, don’t
hesitate to ask! 🙂
This was fun, will be looking forward to my next summer blog post challenge! Hope you also enjoyed reading my post.
What items will you be carrying in your hand bag this summer?
Lily 🙂 x

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