Shopping Haul! :)

Hey everyone! 
On Tuesday, my good friend and I went shopping in Basingstoke!
Now, although it may not seem like a big deal, but I have never been to Basingstoke before and now I finally got to see what the shopping scene there is about! There were about 2 big shopping malls that are pretty close to the main train station so it’s pretty easy to get to and not get yourself lost.
I ended up buying some goodies! I didn’t go crazy as I am trying to not spend as much on make up because I have so much of it already! 
But here are the little bits that I bought on our little shopping trip 🙂
We first headed to Primark. A massive Primark store with 2 floors!!! 
We just had to get in and explore!
I just got three items from Primark.

I bought this really nice snood scarf with the black and white print of the hearts. I thought it was a cute design and with the weather getting a bit more chilly now, this will definitely come in handy really soon. Who can resist a cosy snood?!
I also bought this light peach blouse/top with butterfly print on it. For some reason, I think a lot of butterfly print items look cute! But I did gravitate towards this top, not only because of the butterfly print, but also because of the colour and the overall design with the cute bow in the middle that you can tie or untie to your desire.
The third item was just a simple pyjama bottoms to go with one other Panda pyjama top I bought a few weeks ago. I love pyjamas 🙂
We also popped into a Superdrug and obviously I just had to buy some lipsticks that I don’t need! 🙁 But I did buy some plasters which always come in use!

From left to right:
Maybelline Colour Sensation Shade: Sweet Pink 132
Maybelline Colour Elixir Shade: Raspberry Rhapsody 135
Sleek True Colour Lipstick Shade: Barely There
I really wanted some good nude lipsticks to try and the Maybelline Elixir was one to try out because of its colour! 🙂
There are the swatches.
They swatch very nice and creamy. The Maybelline in the middle is very glossy and the colour is pretty to. I heard that these are comparable to the Dior glosses, but who knows. I have never tried any product from Dior yet, out of my price range… lol 
Out of Superdrug!
We then popped into this super cute store called Glow. Where they sell lots of Bath things like Lush do! They also sell other random items like, phone cases, jewelry, note pads etc. I went on to buy these two babies because they smelt so good!
They look good enough to eat, dont they?
Couldn’t resist how good these smelt and as this shop is not in Reading, I had to pick it up. They are cheaper than the Lush bath products to, so why not ? 🙂 
Such cute products!
Lastly, I bought some DVDs from HMV!
From left to right:
Ride Along
That Awkward Moment
Identity Thief
I am the type of person that would go to the cinema to watch a film and see all the trailers of movies that I say I want to watch. Then, when they DO come out, I some how have no time to see it or make no plans to see it then it obviously goes off show. Now these are some of the films that I DID want to see but never got the chance to see in the cinemas. 
I’m a big Zac Efron fan, so “That Awkward Moment”, should be interesting to watch 😀
Anyways, enough of me rambling on!
Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions about any of these items, then feel free to ask me anytime, anwhere! 🙂

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