KIKO Modern Tribes Collection

Hey there everyone!
I know, I know. It’s been awhile right?
I might be a bit late putting this post up because the Modern Tribes Collection has been out for awhile now and there is already a newer collection out in the stores. 
Their website is still selling items from the Modern Tribes collection. 
So let’s go for it 🙂
I only have 2 items from the Modern Tribes Collection, but don’t get me wrong, I am really tempted to get more from this range!
I bought the Essential Eau de Toilette in the scent Rose and Cherry. (£9.90)
I also bought the Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush in the shade, Deluxe Coral. (£14.90)
The perfume is a roller ball which I think is so rare to find these days. I like roller ball perfumes, so that was a plus. The smell is also another big plus. I’m really bad at describing scents, but this is a sweet and feminine scent. Although, it is NOT an over powering scent at all. It is just right. 
See what I mean about describing scents? That probably made no sense at all. Anyways, it smells lovely!
Now onto the baked blush!
Let’s take a minute to talk about the packaging of this blush.
I have never seen such a unique design for a baked blush before. Love it!
It is of a wooden material and it has magnetic dots on the left hand top corner and another one on the bottom right hand corner.
So the lid closes using the magnetic dots.
It’s the little things in life that amazes us lol.
Besides the cool packaging, the actual product is just as good as the exterior.

The smell of this blush is so nice! It has a very sweet smell to it which you can immediately smell as you apply it. The scent does not linger on, you can only smell it as you apply it to your face. It applies very nice and smooth on your face. It’s easy to blend and build up.

This shade comes up sheer on my skin tone but the texture of the product makes it very easy to build up without it looking cakey at all. I’m really tempted to buy the other shade of this blush as the other shade is a bit darker. I really like the light texture of this blush, it also leaves a nice sheen on the cheeks. Really good product – loving it!
These products are still available to buy on their website:
The products are limited edition though, so get in there quickly!
What are your favourite KIKO make up products?

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