Big KIKO Cosmetics Haul!

Hey everyone!
Hope you’re all having a good week so far.
About two weeks ago, I kind of went a little bit over board with the purchasing of makeup and beauty products…
I knew Kiko had a sale going on, so I thought I would pop in and see.
I saw a lot and bought a lot! I even bought some things that were not even on sale…lol.
Brace yourselves!
 First up we have some nail polish!
From left to right we have Power Pro Nail Lacquer (no.82) Price: £4.90
, Nail Laquer (no.7) Price: £2.50 on sale. (Usually £3.90)
Nail Lacquer (no.58) Price: £2.50 on sale. (Usually £3.90)
 One thing that I lack in my makeup collection is lip liners. I usually don’t wear them but I do want to start experimenting with them.
From left to right shades: 706, 712 and 709.
Price: £1.20 on sale. (usually £2.50)
Here are some of their lipsticks from their Luscious Cream Lipstick range. These were not on the sale but I was just passing through and swatched them in store and thought they were amazing and very creamy! Really happy about this purchase!
Shades from left to right: 502, 511 and 513.
Price: £6.90.
Next up we have the Sahara Glow Highlighter from their Modern Tribe collection. I don’t own a high lighter in this form so I really wanted to try this out! How awesome is the packaging!
I also picked up another product from the Modern Tribes collection. It’s their Dawn till Dusk Volume Effect Mascara.
You might be noticing a pattern here. Another Modern Tribes collection item. I am guessing they were putting it all on sale to get rid of the stock as it’s limited edition. Bought this lovely red lipstick pencil! It’s so so creamy, you would never think it’s coming from a pencil. Best of all, when you buy it, it comes with the sharpener included!
Finally we have the Roller Scents trio set from the Modern Tribes collection. I used to love having perfume in roller form but can never seem to find many of them these days. All 3 of them smell great so I thought I would take advantage of the sale and snap up this deal.
Some of these items may or may not be on sale anymore. I would check online on their website HERE or simply go into your local Kiko store. Sometimes they have items in store that is not on their site.
Have you snatched up anything from the sales at Kiko Cosmetics?


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