Fragrance Direct Discovery Box July

Hey everyone!
Hope we are well! A little bit late with this post, but better late then never is what I always say!
This is now the second time that they are providing the samples in this style box so I’m guessing this is their new look from now on wards. 
Us per usual, they always give discount vouchers relating to the samples that come within the box. I think this is a great way to entice you into buying the full product and as perfumes are SO expensive, every little discount helps!
You also get a booklet showcasing each perfume that you get in the box and telling you more about each perfume itself.
Look at that bundle of joy!
In this edition I received 8 perfume samples.
I was a little bit disappointed that I received 2 or 3 samples that were for men. But I guess I can’t be selfish and they have to cater for the males to. But perhaps they should start doing a seperate box for men’s perfume samples? Either way, I’m still happy with the overall content of the box.
The brands I got in this box are:
Hugo Boss Mavie
Dolce Gabana
Dahlia Divin
Million Cologne
Dolce Gabana Intenso (for men)
Solo Loewe (for men)
Prada Sport Luna Rossa
007 (for woman)
If you would also like to join the Discovery Club, you can visit their website HERE and join. It costs £5 per quarterly. Therefore it’s 4 boxes a year. I really enjoy having this subscription because this way I will never run out of perfume to wear! 
What’s your favourite perfume?

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