KIKO Nail Laquer Frozen Smoothies Swatches | Limited Edition

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Since Spring is here, I thought I would share some swatches of these pretty pastel shades that Kiko have released in their Frozen Smoothies Range. I bought all 4 shades in this range as I thought I would get use out of these.
They are all such cute shades and perfect for the Spring season!
I have swatched all 4 shades on my nails for you to get a good look at them.
All swatches were applied with 2 coats of nail polish, apologies for the messy application.
All the colours look really cute! You can never go wrong with a nice bright shade for the Spring or even Summer to!
What I like about applying these nail polishes, is that they have a flat top style brush. This is my favourite type of brush for nail polishes as it can make your application neater and more controlled.
Another thing I noticed about the packaging of these, is that the white plastic cap of the handle comes up and it reveals the handle of the polish. I have seen this before on other polishes. It’s not a major issue, but can be a little annoying when it doesn’t both come off at the same time. I had to adjust it a little bit to make both the cap and handle come off at the same time.
According to the description of these polishes, they have micro particales for an avant-garde finish. I definitely do see the micro particles when applying the polishes. They look like little grits of sand but it’s in a smooth texture formula so it does not look or feel sandy. As you can see from the photos, they don’t look too obvious either from afar.
This might sound weird, but I think the overall concept of the name of the range is quite cute – Frozen Smoothies! They definitely lived up to the name by incorporating the microparticles in the formula.
The colour payoff is really good with these and I am not disappointed with my purchase. The price of these retail at £4.90 each. I bought these from their website HERE.
This range is limited edition though, so if you like the look of these and would like to get your hands on this, act fast! 
Hope this was helpful to some of you that were considering buying this.
Or if you have already bought them, let me know your thoughts on them to!

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