Birchbox | May Edition

Hey everyone!
How are we all?
Today’s post will be showing what I got in this months Birchbox!
Which, I think, is quiet a good one this month!

First of all, let’s take a minute and speak about the packaging. I love how they have designed this months box. I’m liking the funky and colorful design going on. I also feel like this box seems more durable and made of a stronger cardboard that usual. Which is a good thing ofcourse. Another interesting thing is that the top part of the lid is actually a silver coating that you can scratch off and see if you have won a prize!
A good idea there, I didnt even realise this until I read the leaflet inside the box.
I didn’t win anything though 🙁
Anyways, let’s get to the goodies…
I have received 7 products in this box!
Here we have a hydro nutritive repairing shampoo and conditioner from Beaver Professional. These products contain avocado oil and aloe vera to cleanse hair from root to tip.
These are samples sized products but the RRP price is from £11.50. 
Up next is a mild exfoliating body scrub from Rituals. This product has ultra fine Chinese bamboo particles and calming white lotus which helps slough dead cells away and leaves the skin smooth.
This is a sample size and the RRP price is £19.50.
This is quite a big sample size, so I will definitely get a good feel for the product.
A product from The Balm called Stainiac in the shade: Beauty Queen. This product is a raspberry tinted stain that can add a flush of colour to the cheeks and lips. I rarely use products like this for the cheeks, I just prefer the traditional powder brushes. I’m secretly scared of not being able to work with the liquid properly and end of with a red splodge on my cheeks! hehe. But I may give this a go on my lips instead.
This is a sample size and the RRP is £10.
Here we have a product from the brand called Vasanti. This product claims to to have a deep-cleaning formula that will smooth and brighten your skin. It has micro-crystals to slough away dirt and the aloe vera and coconut will boost hydration.
This is also a generous sample size and RRP is £26.
Before I received this months box, Birchbox emailed me asking which colour sponge I wanted. Pink or purple were the choices and I chose the purple, ofcourse.
This is from Spectrum Collections and it’s their Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge.
We all know what these are used for. This is a tool for blending in cream, mineral and liquid formulas.
This is the only full sized product in the box and the RRP is £4.99.
Last but not least, we have a sample sized product from Vita Coco. It’s coconut oil that is formulated using coconuts from the same groves as their coconut water. This is a nourishing product for skin, hair and body.
RRP is £9.99.
There we have it. The May Edition of Birchbox. I think this is a nice bunch of products and worth the money that I paid for. With generously sized samples, you can definitely get a good chance at trying out the products.
What did you get in your box?

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