Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Water-Cream Moisturiser Review

Hey everyone!

Today I will be talking about this moisturiser that I have been using every morning for the past month or so and still using. I’m really starting to love this because it’s something that’s feels different to any other moisturiser that I’ve used, in a good way. This is their Antioxidant water-cream moisturiser. This is probably why it’s different to anything else I’ve used, it’s the probably the first time I’ve used a water-cream moisturiser and I’m liking it. You have probably already heard of their tissue face masks that they also do in this range which is equally as good, so releasing this as a moisturiser version that can be easily used daily, is a good move.

The packaging of this is the same as their other moisturisers, such as Garnier Miracle Sleeping cream that I also use in the evening time. You receive 50ml of product in this cute tub, which goes a very long way, I would get more than a couple of months use out of these which is great.

I love how the colour of the product is a baby pink, it’s the little things!

As the name suggests, this is a water-cream formula. Because of the formulation, you really don’t need a lot to cover your face. I put a few dots on my face, one on each cheek, chin, nose and forehead and that’s enough to spread the product across my whole face. The water-cream formulation allows the product to spread very easily and a little goes a long way. I’ve been using this for over a month now and I’ve probably only gone through 1/3 of the amount that’s in the tub.

I love the feeling you get after applying this to my face. The product absorbs quickly into the skin and it feels so cooling and refreshing. Almost as if you’ve just had your face washed in cooling water – but instead it’s just your moisturiser. This is such a good thing, because I apply this in the morning, so to get this feeling first thing in the morning, is an added bonus.

I’m fast becoming a big fan of their skin care. I will have a night time skin care routine coming up soon on my blog which will feature other Garnier products to.

What’s your favourite Garnier product?

Lily x


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