Hey everyone!

I am finally back with a new blog post, I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post.
Things have just been so busy lately and it was also my birthday last week so I’ve been out and about hence my lack of posting on my blog. I really want to change that and post more regularly.

Back to the topic at hand, I will be talking about this beautiful little palette right here…

When I saw this palette in Superdrug, I guess you could say it was like love at first sight. It really stood out to me so much and had no hesitation to pick this up and put it straight in my basket. These warm colours have been so popular lately and now with Autumn among us, even better to use it more now. I must admit, it’s been a long while since I’ve bought anything from MUA, but I am so happy with this palette and I’m glad that I bought this.

Let’s first talk about the packaging of this product. The packaging is pretty simple and basic – plain black and clear plastic with a click in closure. There is no mirror with this palette either, however, the lid of the palette is clear so you will be able to easily spot this palette in your collection and see all the colours at first glance without having to open it up. I would say this palette doesn’t seem too sturdy. If you were to drop it on a hard floor, I wouldn’t expect the palette to still be in one piece. I haven’t dropped this palette yet, so don’t take my word on it, but I would still be very careful though. This palette is also quiet thin, so it’s definitely travel friendly.

The eyeshadow colours do not have any names but on the back of the palette, it shows a grid of all the colours with numbers on them. It then goes on to tell you which numbers are which type of texture/formula. This palette contains 8 matte shades, 5 high pearl shades and 2 eyeshadow shades. For some reason the 2 “eyeshadow” shades are just referred to as “eyeshadow” and it doesn’t reference to whether or not it’s matte or a high pearl.

Matte shades = Numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15

High Pearl shades = Numbers 2, 4, 8, 10, 14

Eyeshadow shades = Numbers 11, 12
(upon swatching these two shades, they have a bit of shimmery speckles/fine glitter when looking at it in the light. So I’m not sure which type of texture to put these two shades under)

 Now, onto the fun part, the colours and swatches.

MUA Fire Vixen Palette Top Row Swatches (numbers 1 – 5)

MUA Fire Vixen Palette Middle Row Swatches (numbers 6 – 10)

MUA Fire Vixen Palette Bottom Row Swatches (numbers 11 – 15)

I have been absolutely loving this palette lately. The colours are so pigmented and easy to blend. I brang this palette with me on holiday and used it so much. I like that it has a variety of matte and high pearl (shimmer) shades so that you can easily use them together to create an easy, pretty look very fast. A lot of the time I would just use the high pearl shades on their own and just blend out the edges with the cream colour (shade1), and even just doing those simple steps, creates a lovely look. Shade number 6 is also a great crease colour.

This is a perfect eyeshadow palette for the season of Autumn, these colours just scream warmth and Autumnal vibes! I would definitely recommend you to get this palette, with a price tag of £5, you can’t go wrong at all. Such an affordable price for such a great palette!

You can get this palette from Superdrug stores or the Superdrug website. You can also buy direct from the MUA website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. Do you have any favourite MUA eyeshadow palettes?

Lily x

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