The Body Shop Lightening Drops | Review

Have you ever bought a foundation, took it home and realise you bought the wrong shade? Or you got matched wrong due to the different lighting in the store? Or you just took a guess and it was the wrong one? I’ve discovered a product that can fix this little issue.

Sometime last year, I  purchased these lightening drops from The Body Shop because I bought a Milani Foundation in London. I totally guessed my shade and even swatched it in store. But it still ended up being the wrong shade, it was only one shade too dark!

I have also bought 2 other foundations that are just 1 shade too dark for me. So when I found out about these drops, I had to try it out! I wanted to make these foundations work and not let them go to waste.

I thought the best way to put this to a test for this post is to use it when one of my foundations that’s a shade too dark and compare the results by swatching the foundation on it’s own and swatching it with the lightening drops.

The Body Shop Lightening Drops comes in a pipette form which is ideal for this type of thing because you only need 1-2 drops to mix with your foundation, depending on how much foundation you’re using. By having this product in a pipette form is good because you will only use the exact product that you need rather than pouring it out and risk using more than you actually need.

I usually use about 2 or 3 drops. For this comparison I used my Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation which is 1 shade too dark for me. I always use these 2 products together as both of them mixed, gives me the right shade.

Left side: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation on its own. Right side: Foundation mixed with The Body Shop’s Lightening Drops

Can you believe that it’s the same foundation shade in that photo? These Lightening Drops really do work and I’m so glad I discovered this. I even included this in my 2017 Beauty Favourites blog post – see HERE.

The proof is in the pudding – I would really recommend this product if you have a few foundations that’s the wrong shade for you. I have also used this with my Milani Foundation and it definitely does make it 1 shade lighter. It’s so good to know that those foundations are not going to waste and that I also don’t have to waste money buying another shade. The Body Shop also has darkening drops, I have not tried that one before, but I am so impressed with these lightening drops. I love it so much, that when it runs out, I will definitely be repurchasing them until my foundations finish.

 These lightening drops only cost £11 and it currently shows on their website as being a “Best Seller” and I can totally see why!

Do you have any other products from Body Shops that you enjoy and would recommend?

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