Welcome to my annual reflection and goals post for the upcoming new year. I have seem to make this a traditional post. As usual, I will link the previous goals post HERE which will be our reference to see if I succeeded in some of the goals I had set for myself. I will start off by going through the goals I had set and whether or not I have achieved them.


The one, if not, the main goal of 2018 was to pass my driving test. I’m so happy to say that I have achieved this goal and I’m so happy that I finally did it towards the end of October 2018. In November I already got my first car and have started driving to and from work. It was a bit nerve wracking at first to start driving on my own without my driving instructor next to me, but I got more confident the more times I drove.

I was so happy and proud that day because I finally did it! YAY!
Me and my first car! Thank you to my sister cousin for capturing this moment and for being my first passenger in my car! I filled up my first tank with her, I took her along for the ride.


I actually managed to somewhat achieve this goal. Since February last year, I have been regularly going to the gym atleast 2-3 times a week give or take. I have only been really slacking this past December and havn’t been at all that month, but I will definitely get back to normality soon. I know now that it is possible.

Gym Photos 2018

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard. There were so many days where I was really tired from work, but I still went and felt better for going. There were even days where I would walk from the train station to my gym which added more cardio to my day.

Stop spending so much on makeup and skincare

I would like to say that I have not spent as much on makeup this year than I did last year. I have definitely been more skeptical in buying new makeup by thinking, ‘ do I really need this? ‘ or ‘ do I already have colours similiar to this? ‘ . But I still did buy a lot of makeup this year, so it’s a mixed outcome here!

Just one of my makeup purchases this year. Such a nice palette!
Thuyle x Lottie London Living my Best Life Palette

Finish that book!

I did not finish reading that Gone Girl Book! To be honest, I think the reason for not finishing this book is that it was kind of boring and it took ages for anything to happen in the story. So maybe it’s just not the right type of book for me.

Blogging & Social Media

The revival of my YouTube channel did not really happen. Although I did upload 2 videos this past year. I have not been posting as regularly as I would have liked on my blog. It seems like I have been focusing on my Instagram more hence why I have posted a lot more on there these days. I have been trying to take nice photos for my Instagram to.

Good Times

The last goal I had set was to be happy, spend time with family, friends and boyfriend, which I have succeeded in. Making new memories and seeing more places was also on the list. I managed to visit a new place which was a tick off my bucket list. That place was the Lake District. Beautiful place! I might have to do a whole blog post on its own for Lake District as I took so many photos there! The town in Keswick was our favourite!

Looking over the town of Keswick, Lake District

I also went to a few blogging events which lead me to spend more time with my girls in London, which is always a plus! Below are some group photos of us at the different events. I love spending time with them and I love how we all have still kept in touch and support each other and I thank the blogging community for bringing us all together. After events we usually have dinner together somewhere and this gives us a chance to catch up and stuff, which is always great! They are all so BEAUTIFUL!

The girls and I at BlogConLDN 2018
Me and the girls at Glamour Beauty Festival 2018
Stylist Live 2018 with my girls
Joint October Birthday Celebration Dinner. Saphron, Naila and me all have our birthdays in October – we are therefore the October babies!

We also had a really good Summer here in the UK in 2018! Therefore, there was definitely some fun in the sun!

Summer Times with Angie. We actually succesfully made our own BBQ with no help from anyone! We were quiet proud of ourselves that day!
We then spent some time at her neighbours pool and chilled for the rest of the afternoon!
Chilled out on another sunny summers day with the sister cousin Anna 🙂
Had many catch ups with my close friend Malwina! 🙂

There were many more good times captured with family, friends and my boyfriend of course, but this post may become way too long to upload it all at once! I always make sure to take a lot of photos because I feel like it’s so important to capture those memories! So yes, I achieved this goal of spending and have good times with family, friends and my boyfriend.

Spent the evening at Nirvana Spa with my closest girls as a little birthday celebration. Have always wanted to go to this spa and it was so good there. I would definitely go there again!


  1. Get back to my gym routine and make better food choices. I think I would have seen more results quicker if my food intake was better.
  2. Post more blog posts and plan them in advance to keep up with posting regularly.
  3. Keep posting on Instagram daily and also practice more makeup and nail looks to post on there. I have so much makeup and nail products – I HAVE to make use of it all!
  4. Instagram videos.
  5. SAVE money.
  6. Sort out some personal stuff
  7. Spend less on makeup and skincare (carrying over from last year). Use the skincare that I have before buying more.
  8. Use a diary and intend to actually use it.
  9. Go to a theatre show – never done that before!
  10. Plan a day out to Go Ape with friends. (never been there before!)
  11. Do jewelry making courses, practice with making jewelry and hopefully start selling them online. Courses are already booked! I’ve been thinking about jewelry making for a long time now and finally deciding to just go for it and maybe try and make a side hobby or business out of it some day. This is me putting it out into the universe!
  12. Read more!
  13. Continue having good times with the family, friends and my boyfriend. Try new things and experiences and capture all the memories! My camera is always ready!

Overall, 2018 has been a really good year. So many good things have happened, not just for me, but for my family and my boyfriend to. Especially in October, many good things happened in that month!

This post is going up much later than I expected, but better late than never is what I always say! I will come back to this post next year in January to see how I got on with my goals! Here’s to another awesome year!

Lily x

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