Product Empties & Thoughts #3

Isn’t it so satisfying to finish a product? I have a whole bag of products that I’ve used up over the last few months or the past year. For the sake of the length of a blog post, I will just talk about a handful of products at a time. There’s a wide variety of products here to go through so I will give a mini run down of these empties and if I would repurchase them. Collection Last Perfection Concealer RRP: £4.19 This concealer I have repurchased so many… View Full Post

The Body Shop Lightening Drops | Review

Have you ever bought a foundation, took it home and realise you bought the wrong shade? Or you got matched wrong due to the different lighting in the store? Or you just took a guess and it was the wrong one? I’ve discovered a product that can fix this little issue. Sometime last year, I  purchased these lightening drops from The Body Shop because I bought a Milani Foundation in London. I totally guessed my shade and even swatched it in store. But it still ended up being the wrong… View Full Post

Celfie Cosmetics | Shade Collection Glitter Palette

I have been on the look out for a nice glitter palette that is actually decent, so when I came across this glitter palette by Celfie Cosmetics at Beautycon last year in December – I was instantly intrigued! It didn’t take long for me to go ahead and purchase it right then and there.   On first impressions, I was attracted to how vibrant and colourful the shades are in this palette. The ladies at the Celfie Cosmetics booth at Beautycon were really nice and let us swatch the shades… View Full Post

Urban Decay | Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

Some of you may already know that I absolutely love Urban Decay! They’re probably my most favourite high end brand. They’re packaging of their products always gets me everytime! And this palette is no different, the packaging and colours in this one is outstanding. I will show you why. This palette is absolutely beautiful! When I swatched this in store, I immediately fell in love with the colours. My boyfriend was so sweet and ended up buying this for me me as part of my Christmas gift. As the name… View Full Post

Box Me Beautiful | Treat Yourself Box

Box Me Beautiful is a fairly new company that provides beauty boxes that are designed for people with olive, Asian and darker skin tones. They reached out on Instagram looking for Brand Ambassadors and I thought I would jump at the chance to work with them. I have an olive skin tone, so I was intrigued by what products that I would receive in this box. I’m excited to also say that I am now one of the Brand Ambassadors for Box Me Beautiful. They have kindly sent the “Treat… View Full Post